Julie Pace: Healthcare, Taxes Will Make Trump Presidency Look Different Than It Did A Few Weeks Ago


Associated Press' Julie Pace on President Trump's speech Wednesday night in Iowa:

JULIE PACE, ASSOCIATED PRESS WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: This has been a pretty big psychological boost for the White House. They have been in a really rough stretch where people including the president have felt under siege. And so this combination of a win in Georgia, an election that Democrats were really gunning for. And to win there and then to be able to be out on the road which is where the president feels most comfortable, I think it will leave the White House in a pretty good mood.

But they are also in a phase where they know that if you look toward the end of this year, they have a couple of big things they need to get traction on. Healthcare is number one. Tax reform. If they can make progress on those two, this presidency suddenly looks different than it did maybe a few weeks ago.

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