Spicer On Health Care Bill: "At Some Point, You Can Only Do So Much"


White House press secretary Sean Spicer is asked about the status of the Republican health care plan at Friday's briefing.

"As the president made clear last night, this is it," he said.

SPICER: We're going to continue to work as late as we can to get the votes. And as I said, the upside is we continue to pick up votes... The question is can we get to 216? But make no mistake about it. The president made it clear last night, this is it. You have an opportunity to do what you're told the American people, the commitment that we as a party have made. But this is your chance to do what we've done. We've listened. We've incorporated. We've updated in every way possible.

I don't think when you legislative efforts I think the president has given it his all. And I think it shocked a lot of people, frankly, how very, very detail oriented, how personal it was for him, calling members as early as 6 in the morning and going until 11 o'clock at night the last several nights, sitting down meeting after meeting, coming back and revising it, having his team back and forth. Everything is out there.

And I think each of these members needs to make the decision whether or not they believe that they've --- at some point you can only do so much is what I would honestly tell you. I think everything that we could possibly do to listen to members to get their concerns in this piece of legislation to make it as strong as possible for the American people has been done.

Sean Spicer on political cost:

QUESTION: Isn't there a political cost to a collapse potentially?

SPICER: At some point there is a political cost to dragging this out as well and saying to let it keep going. I think that is where we came to a decision that it had gotten as far as it could go.

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