CNN: Congressional Budget Office Predicts 24 Million Uninsured By 2026 Under Trump Plan


CNN's Phil Mattingly reports that the Congressional Budget Office has released projections on the cost, reach and limits of coverage for the GOP's bill to repeal and replace parts of Obamacare. It is expected to lead to 24 million people having no health insurance by 2026 and reduce the deficit by $337 billion.

Trump admnistration officials have repeatedly said that the number of people insured is not the ultimate goal of their healthcare reform, saying: "If you're an individual out there making fifty, sixty thousand dollars and your deductible is eight, ten, twelve thousand bucks you may have that insurance card, but you don't have coverage. And I hear from my former colleagues all the time about patients who come into their office and they recommend something for them, and they're not able to get it because the deductible is so high."

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