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A Voter’s Guide To The Health Law
Julie Rovner, Kaiser Health News
In some cases candidates are bending the truth. But in general, both praise and criticisms of the law are accurate. That’s because the health law is so big and sweeping that it has had effects both positive and negative.

Clinton, Sanders Trade Barbs on Drug Maker Funds
David Nather, Stat
Special interest money, including campaign contributions from drug companies, was the focus of a heated argument between Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Thursday night during a debate held in Durham, N.H.

Clinton-Sanders Health Care Fight in One Exchange
Jonathan Cohn, HP
Both Clinton and Sanders support universal health care. That is, both Clinton and Sanders think everybody should be able to pay their medical bills and that only the government can see to that. Both Clinton and Sanders agree that achieving this goal requires action -- even now, with the Affordable Care Act in place -- because millions remain uninsured and millions more with coverage still struggle with their medical bills. But that’s where the agreement breaks down.

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Cadillac Tax Fight Focuses on 2016 Election
Caitlin Owens, Morn. Cons.
Fight the 40's goals for 2016 seem focused on the long game. They include efforts to persuade presidential and congressional candidates to commit to repealing the tax if elected.

Obamacare Final Enrollment Tally: 12.7 Million
Dan Mangan, CNBC
A total of about 12.7 million people signed up for Obamacare plans nationwide during open enrollment for 2016, which ran from Nov. 1 through last Sunday.

FDA to Reform Painkiller Approval Process
Toni Clarke, Reuters
Bowing to pressure from lawmakers, Dr. Robert Califf, President Barack Obama's nominee to lead the Food and Drug Administration, said on Thursday the agency would reform its process for approving opioid painkillers

Democrats 'Not Impressed' w/ FDA Plan on Drug Abuse
Ferris, The Hill
Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) said he would continue his hold on Dr. Robert Califf until the FDA agrees to an even wider review of its process of approving prescription painkillers, which are fueling an opioid epidemic in his state and many others.

Group Seeks New Hand Hygiene Requirements
Neil Versel, MedCity
Eight vendors of automated hand hygiene technology have come together in an effort to have continuous electronic monitoring of hand washing become the standard of care in hospitals. They are working through a newly formed organization called the Electronic Hand Hygiene Compliance Organization, or EHCO.

Medicaid Births Rise after Planned Parenthood Cuts
Maggie Fox, NBC
Women stopped using the most effective types of contraception and more babies were born on the government's tab after Texas cut off funding from Planned Parenthood clinics, a team of Texas researchers said Wednesday.

Video: Shkreli Refuses to Answer Questions at House Hearing
Former Turing Pharmaceuticals executive Martin Shkreli seemed to enjoy the spotlight at yesterday's hearing on Capitol Hill, but he exercised his Fifth Amendment rights and refused to answer questions posed by members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

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