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Anthem Takes Express Scripts Fight Public
Tracer & Harrison, Bloomberg
Health insurer Anthem Inc. wants $3 billion a year more in savings on drugs from Express Scripts Holding Co., and is threatening to ditch the company in a move that would depose the pharmacy benefit manager as the country’s biggest.

Aetna CEO Says He Is Not Giving Up on Exchanges
Susan Kelly, Reuters
The chief executive of Aetna Inc on Tuesday said the health insurer is not about to withdraw from the public health exchange market, even after losing money on the business last year.

Meaningful Use Is Going to Be Replaced
John Lynn, EMR & HIPAA
Big news came out today during the JP Morgan annual healthcare conference in San Francisco. Andy Slavitt, acting administrator of CMS, live tweeted his own talk at the event including a bombshell.

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Obama Endorses VP's Cancer Research 'Moonshot'
David Nather, Stat
President Obama gave a big political boost to Vice President Joe Biden’s proposed “moonshot” effort to end cancer Tuesday night, saying he would put Biden “in charge of mission control” for a new initiative to wipe out the disease.

Inspiring a New Generation to Innovate
Joe Biden, Medium
Today, cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide. And that’s only expected to increase in the coming decades -- unless we make more progress today. I know we can.

Are Provider-Led Networks Too Big To Fail?
Joel Zinberg, Health Affairs
Are provider-led health care networks equipped to function like insurance companies? Do they have the expertise and experience to assess population health risks and costs and to accurately price health insurance products? The answer is no, and the current effort to consolidate providers and make them into ersatz insurers is a prescription for disaster.

Commercial Insurers Saying 'No' to Hospitals More Often
Managed Care
Hospitals are looking for a little love from commercial health plans but they’re not getting it, according to a survey by the Advisory Board Company.

Dismal Science Behind Incentives For Doctors
Jaan Sidorov, THCB
In healthcare settings, physicians seem to be supportive of being fairly compensated for their work, but also seem to be quite skeptical about the use of “carrot and stick” style economic rewards to influence clinical practice.

Making Consumerism in Health Care Work
Paul Howard, Apothecary
Of course, most of the people who tell you that consumerism can’t work in health care tend to work in health care themselves. But if they were doing such a great job, maybe our health care system wouldn’t be riddled with high costs, fatal medical errors, and hundreds of billions of dollars in waste and fraud.

Panel Recommends Approving Implant for Addicts
Liz Szabo, USAT
An advisory committee recommended Tuesday that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approve an implant designed to reduce addicts' cravings for heroin or prescription painkillers.

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