Dems Eager to Press Kavanaugh on Affordable Care Act

Dems Eager to Press Kavanaugh on Affordable Care Act
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

As Brett Kavanaugh prepares to face his first round of questioning from senators today, many Americans are worried about what would happen to their health care if the Supreme Court overturned the Affordable Care Act's protections for people with preexisting conditions. 

A new tracking poll released this morning by the Kaiser Family Foundation found 52 percent of Americans were very worried and 23 percent somewhat worried about the costs of health care coverage rising if the ACA is rolled back, and 41 percent are very worried and 19 percent somewhat concerned that they will lose their coverage. 

Senators never made it past their opening statements at Kavanaugh's first seven-hour Capitol Hill appearance Tuesday, but several Democrats and protesters made clear that health care would be atop the agenda when the  Capitol Hill grilling commenced today. 

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