Could EPA Cuts Risk a Public Health Emergency?

Could EPA Cuts Risk a Public Health Emergency?
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

With time running out for Congress to reach an agreement on the budget, lawmakers are advancing a quiet but crippling assault on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has already suffered years of hollowing out from budget cuts. At stake is the EPA's fundamental ability to carry out its most basic public health and environmental missions. Without full funding for the agency, the health of our children, our seniors and our communities are at risk.

President Donald Trump, who pledged as a candidate to reduce EPA down to "little tidbits," asked for around 30% cuts to the agency this spring — deeper than any other agency and enough to cut its funding to 1970s levels in real dollars. The potential real-world result will be more asthma attacks, more heart attacks, and more pollution in our lives. And if all that isn't enough, the administration also wants to cut support for critically needed research into alternative energy sources and innovations to protect the water we drink from physical, chemical, and biological threats.

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